Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy

Arqa Studio is committed to protecting your privacy. The protection of privacy related to processing your data is a significant concern to us. We pay high attention to it in our business and process the collected data during our visit to the site as per the legal provisions of the land. Our privacy statement defines the information collected by Arqa Studio about the right legal ways to use this information. Moreover, it defines the maintenance and sharing of information including its protection. As a customer, you can visit our website without revealing your identity. However, by using our website, you are giving consent to terms and conditions set by us and the subsequent process of personal information.


Collection of Personal Information

When it comes to the collection of personal information, our privacy policy applies to information collected through websites, not any other means. We collect personal information in terms of personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information like IP address and cookies.


Personally Identifiable Information

Personally, identifiable information indicates your personal information like name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number among others. All these sorts of information are collected by Arqa Studio from its website for clarifying queries related to services or process orders.


Non-personally Identifiable Information

When it comes to non-personally identifiable information, it could be technical information or demographic information like age, gender, location, etc. It is collected in the form of IP and cookies. However, the collected information doesn’t identify you personally.


How We Use Collected Personal Information

Arqa Studio uses your collected personal information if there is a proper reason to do so. Generally, we use the information for reasons such as to meet a contract with you or have a legal reason to meet. When it comes to our business or commercial interest, we won’t put our legitimate interest unfairly. Our use of your personal information is based on sending a private notice to you at the time of use. Further, we use your personal information to deliver marketing across all the platforms like mails, emails, and text messaging among others.



We want all of your personal information to remain secure. However, information shared
through online medium is not secure and we can’t give assurance in this regard.


How We Secure Your Personal Information

Arqa Studio uses the right technology and the necessary procedures to protect your personal information. Our privacy policy on security policy is at par with the international standard. Again, it is reviewed and updated from time to time to meet our business needs.



Arqa Studio might allow third parties to tailor the advertisement requirements on our behalf, where it seems useful for the users. Thus, third parties might use cookies to track the online behavior of users. By doing so, personal information is used to customize advertisements based on their behavior. One thing that is clear in our privacy policy concerning advertisement is that we don’t have any authority on cookies used by third parties other than ours.


Links to Third Party Sites

Arqa Studio might contain links with third party websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites even if you get access to a third party website by using links from Arqa Studio. Similarly, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such web sites even if you reach us through third-party websites.


Aggregated Statistics

Arqa Studio might gather information on the behavior of the users on its site. The collected information might be subjected to sharing or displaying. However, your personal information won’t be revealed.



Arqa Studio uses standard technology known as cookies that are placed on computers and devices to identify the users with the purpose to collect information. However, the cookies used by us can’t retrieve any other information or pass computer viruses. We use cookies intending to enhance the visitors’ experience. The collected information remains anonymous. We use this information for our internal purpose and to deliver informative content to the visitors. Moreover, information collected through cookies is used to:

  • Gauge popularity of the web page
  • Analyze traffic pattern
  • Guide improvement on-site and service

However, the visitors have the option of avoiding cookies being placed on their computers. Still, the visitors remain engaged on our site, then it would be considered that visitors are willingly agreeing to our privacy policy statement.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Arqa Studio might update the privacy policy from time to time. Therefore, we urge you to go through our website frequently to know about the latest privacy notices. Whenever there is a need for change is sought, we will put up a notice on our website.